Scott Le Roy Marketing

Virtual KW Tech Concierge for Agents

KW Plano is very ecstatic to begin working with the Scott Le Roy Marketing as its virtual KW tech concierge for agents.

Here is a list of everything that they will be providing as our Virtual Tech Concierge providers.

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1. On Boarding

When a new agent joins KW they will then fill out a short questionnaire on our website. Once this is completed we will set them up with their myKW account within 1-2 business days (pending they have the correct username and password included).
password: setup

We also have a setup for Luxury Members, Commercial Members and Transfer Agents from another KW Office:
(for luxury agents only)
(for commercial agents only)
(for agents transferring from another kw office)
(for agents looking to get set up quickly)
(custom questionnaire)

*You may also have the agents fill out our fast start setup form via the attached document. This will need to be scanned and sent to if you choose to use this in person form.

This is what the agent will receive in the setup:

  • Activate eEdge
  • Activate eEdge Website
  • Activate eEdge Email
  • Submit Email for Approval
  • Check List Hub Box in KWLS
  • Change myKW Password
  • Profile to 100%
  • Headshots Updated in all 4 Locations
  • ADMIN – MY ACCOUNT Section Updated with Phone Number, Email and Website
  • Logo Added to ADMIN – MY ACCOUNT Section
  • Time Zone Changed To Correct MC Time Zone
  • eEdge Website Template Update
  • eEdge Website Site Banner and Logo Updated
  • eEdge Website Communities Served Set Up
  • eAgentc 1.2 Section Set Up
  • eAgentc 2.4 Hosting Section Fixed
  • eAgentc 2.4 Location Updated
  • eAgentc 2.4 Broker/ Team Information Updated
  • eAgentc 4.1 IDX Button Checked (IF Applicable)
  • eAgentc 4.5 Section Activated
  • KW APP Setup and Button Checked
  • DotLoop Activated
  • DotLoop Linked Up With Market Center
  • HomeKeepr Profile Setup
  • Inman Select Profile Setup
  • Placester Website Setup

2. Webinars/ Training

All agents may attend any of our online LIVE webinars that occur weekly. The eEdge Academy is every Tuesday from 12-3 pm ET and the advanced webinar is every Friday from 1-2 pm ET. The training calendar can be found on our website 24/7 under the training tab. To log in to the webinars, please visit:

This class is a live webinar that is for all agents, not just the new agents. This will cover:

  • Basic overview of
  • Changing of Passwords
  • Setting up of KW Email and how to Access It
  • Checking of the Listhub Enabled Box and what it does
  • Profile Completeness of 100%
  • Adding of Contacts
  • Grouping of Contacts
  • Updating of Admin Section
  • Where to Add Headshots and Logos
  • How To Edit The eEdge Website
  • How To Create Marketing Materials
  • How To Create Marketing Email Campaigns
  • How To Use DotLoop
  • How To Link DotLoop With a Greensheet

Additional Training...

In addition to this class, every Friday we have an Advanced eEdge/ Marketing Course that occurs from 1-2pm EST on the same website. These classes can be found in the this attached flyer (PDF).

Past Classes...

Agents may also watch our previous classes even faster by going here:
(eEdge Academy Webinar)
(Previous Advanced Training Classes)
(myKW Tips)

3. Support

All agents in the market center may contact us with any issues, questions or concerns on the myKW platform. This includes, eEdge, DotLoop, myKW, email, etc.

We do prefer email ( and have a goal of responding within 1-5 minutes.

Our office hours are M-F from 8 am - 6 pm ET. If you call and we are on the other line, please leave a voicemail to have a call returned.

4. Free Tech/ Marketing Services

All agents in the market center may fill out any of our support forms for free services that we provide. This includes:

  • Setting Up Email Campaigns
  • Importing Contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Forwarding Domains to the KW Sites
  • Forwarding the Email
  • Getting your Profile up to 100%
  • etc...
  • You will just need to visit our website to find these forms to fill out. All request are completed within 1-2 business days.
    password: support