1) Logging In

Agents should use this link to longin to everything KW related. This new 'ONELOGIN' should get you into everything: kw.onelogin.com


2) App Home

This new 'App Home' provide you some shortcuts to essential components within your myKW account. Click into your KW Intranet account


3) Technology > KW Websites

Gain access to your Placester website here.


4) Go to My Websites

Scroll down to 'go to my website'. Agents will do this every time they want to add content to their site.


5) View Details

This step assumes you've already done the initial setup. If not, follow this tutorial and come back when you've completed your setup.


7) Site Settings

I typically open my live site in a new browser tab right click the VIEW LIVE LINK (BLUE) open in new tab. As I make changes or additions to my site, I can toggle over and refresh the live site to see them.

If you've gone through and completed your SITE SETTINGS (GREEN) you'll be adding or making changes to your site using the PAGES, BLOG POSTS, AGENTS, TESTIMONIALS & AREAS (RED)



KW Placester
Agent Websites

KW Placester Website Support
email: support-kw@placester.com

Additional Resources & Information

Step-by-Step Website Setup


Watch this video for Step-by-Step instructions on setting up your website with you mykw intranet account. VIEW TUTORIAL

Working with Page Tempaltes

Page Templates

Get familiar with the 10 different page templates you can use to add content to your website. Understanding this is the starting point for making your time building the sites efficient and productive. VIEW TUTORIALS

Getting Ready for Placester


Michael Tritthart introduces the backend of your KW Placester website in detail. VIEW PRESENTATION

Rock Your Placester (5/10/2016)


The 1st of two workshops dedicated to helping agents setup and begin using their KW Placester websites. VIEW PRESENTATION