I've got the KW Mobile app. NOW WHAT?

Setting up you KW Mobile App & Features

Where to find your Mobile App Download URL, how to install it. Scripts and conversations as to why someone should use your app and not something else.

1 - (18:56)

Handling Leads from the Mobile app

Why incorporate the kw mobile app into your Marketing/Lead Generation mix?

2 - (10:31)

Features & Ways to share from App

Getting in and moving around the app. Get to know it so you can communicate its features to others.

3 - (7:16)

Homekeeper App | Share your Vendor list

Micahel introduces the HomeKepper app; a powerful tool you can share with your contact list from within your KW Mobile app.

Share you Vendor list with clients, keeping them connected with you and demonstrating the value (information) you bring them over time.

Set up your FREE account here


After you signin you can use the MarKet Center Vendor list that is already in the system with HomeKeeper

Additional Information


4 - (20:07)

Promoting you KW Mobile App | Online, Offline, Face to Face

Michael Tritthart leads a discussion on how to promote your KW Mobile app; Online, Offline and Face to Face

5 - (14:46)

Michael Tips and Tricks | Text Message Efficientcy

Recap or Top 3 Takeaways

6 - (8:12)