How To Write An Attractive Bio

When someone finds you online your bio is one of the first ways people are introduced to who you are. They can tell a lot about you by how professional your site looks, whether or not there are typos and whether or not the links work, but at the end of the day what you tell them about yourself speaks volumes.

This is your opportunity to tell them directly exactly what your value proposition is! It does not matter if you have been in the real estate industry for forty years, or four weeks. You have life experience, hobbies, and interests, and those are what you want to share so you that you attract clients that you want to serve.

Before you try to write your paragraphs about yourself, sit down and write the answers to these questions. If you are stumped, you can also ask trusted friends what they see in you in regards to these questions.

  • What three things do I enjoy doing? (not necessarily "work" related) Example: cooking, running, traveling
  • What do people tell me I am good at?
  • Why did I decide to become a real estate professional?
  • What do I love about being a real estate professional?
  • Do I have a specialty in my industry? examples, I love selling farms; I grew up in Highland Park and I know that market, I love selling quirky houses because I'm great at niche marketing, I love working with first-time buyers, etc.
  • Is there anything else about myself that makes me extra special, or that others will be drawn to? Example, are you an Aggie? Do you love the Dallas Cowboys more than anyone else on earth? Were you Ms. Texas? Things like that will draw people who are fans/alumnus/etc.
  • List civic involvements/charities you support
  • Family life

When you finish

When you finish, look over your answers and see what stands out, or what you repeat in your answers. Those are the things you want to highlight. You will not attract everyone, so don't try to be vanilla, just try to be authentic.

Now write 2-3 brief paragraphs (2-3 sentences each) where you string those attributes together. I prefer starting off with a passion at the beginning, and then I work from there. I usually end with "Brandie lives in McKinney with her partner, Tom, her three children, Grace, Caleb & Isaiah, and her pug, Lola."

Some sentence opener ideas are:

  • "When Brandie isn't helping her clients sell or buy a home, she is         ."
    (example: using her mad cooking skills to make gourmet vegetarian meals for her family.)
  • "Brandie is passionate about         ."
    (teaching others how to nurture themselves through meditation and self-care tools.)
  • "         is the foundation of Brandie's professional life."
    (Integrity, hard-work, etc.)

After you have written your paragraphs, send them to a couple of friends for editing. Then create a two sentence bio that just pulls out the most important things you want people to know. You'll need a longer bio for some things, and a short one for others.

Hire Brandie Sellers
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Brandie Sellers
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