Michael Tritthart - Placester Websites (April 2016)

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Preparing for KW Placester websites

Great information about the new web platform - Placester

Key to new website is content & Marketing

  1. Use your own domain, better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Have to go to facebook.com/username to setup your PERSONAL facebook link or the public link your your BUSINESS page
  3. KW Mobile App - Know what your Mobile App URL
  4. Begin utilizing Google Analytics - Don't know, Google it.

Begin Snooping Around

• What do you like? What do you want to incorporate into your BLOG

Good BLOG example - not active yet in new website, but still good example for developing content for your website.


FREE Stock Photography Resource
michaeltritthart.com > Sites for Business > Photo and Video > 40 Sites for Free Stock Photos > DIRECT LINK HERE

1 - Introduction (20:58)

Introduction to backend site editor

Agents can begin using placester now

$5/Month + IDX $33/month - cost will go away once roll out to all agents is complete. PLEASE NOTE:As of April 11th, NTRIES was bumped up to rollout today, so the IDX fees part may be a mute point. (per Michael)


Initial 6 templates to choose from. A 7th will be available once roll out to all KW is initiated - Key Feature: Omni box search

Logging In

Login location will likely change

Site Settings

  • Listings
  • Site Design
  • More

2 - Getting into the backend of your Placeter website (33:30)

Adding specific content...

Michael introduces the core components agents will use when adding content to their Placester websites, including: Page, Blog, Agents, Testimonials and Areas

3 - Adding Specific Content (16:19)

Getting ready for KW Placester Websites

Below are 3 suggestions you might consider as you prepare for Keller Williams Placester websites.
1 Have a domain (web address) ready to use.
2 Snoop around and look at existing sites.
3 Collect/Archive content from your current site.

Michael Tritthart's Video Tutorials

Watch Michael's presentation from early April 2016, on upcoming roll out and what to expect. VERY IMFORMATIVE!!

Purchase a Domain (web address) for your website

If you already have a domain name, you'll easily bea able to redirect it to point towards your placester web hosted website.

If you purchased a domain name from Market Leader, via eEdge upgrade, you'll need to contact ML and make arrangements to have it transferred to a domain company like GoDaddy.

Get Ideas! Snoop Around...

Check out these sites, built by Michael Tritthart and MLMS. Get an idea of the 'kinds' of different content you'll be able to incorporate onto your site.

Michael Tritthart • www.michaeltritthart.com

Beginning collecting/organizing your content

After your done looking at other sites (the process never ends) think about the types of content you want on your site. Headshot, Bio, Testimonials, Areas, etc...

Additional Resources


Placester Academy


Create blogging content.
Sites for Business > Lead Capture and Generation > Community and Blog Templates