Bob Baker - Contract Class (3/28/2016)

In this contract class we will continue to work within developing a system to enhance our ability to look at certain situations and question relating to the contract or the transaction and to come up with an answer on our own.

Tomorrow we will discuss timelines in the transaction. The attached Time Scenarios questions will engaged us in the subject. We will have a timeline handout to go along with our discussion of the timelines in a transaction.

Additionally we will look at some actual questions that you, our agents, have encountered recently that we will look at from an application of the system perspective.

It will be helpful if you would have a copy of the 1-4 Family TREC contract form during the tutorial.

Video 1

1 - (20:20)

Video 2

2 - (21:57)

Video 3

3 - (21:16)

Video 4

4 - (16:06)