Agent Support Center (ASC)

Why work with Judy, Marcia or Sherry?

The Agent Support Center was designed to help Realtors with the Administrative duties of Real Estate. Allowing them to utilize their valuable time to prospect & obtain more business.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective December 1, 2015

Transaction and Listing Price Change 2015 (PDF Download)

TRID Tips...

Please note: You only need to fill out the Authorization to Furnish TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures Form! IF you run out of room, THEN use the Addendum that Bob Baker created. No need to fill out both otherwise!

Please remember to put your Transaction Coordinator's email address or the email address of anyone else who needs to receive a copy of the Title Commitment, HOA docs, paragraph 21 of the contract.

Judy Williams
Listings Coordinator


Judy Williams

Listing Order form (PDF)

see PDF for costs

My job involves the listing side of your business. Taking professional photos of the home, room measurements, entering the listings in NTREIS, scan & enter the listing paperwork into the Dot Loop system, prepare a flyer, online entry into Centralized Showing System (CSS), & much more.

"After all, the reason you became a Realtor was to List & Sell homes, not sit behind a desk doing paperwork."

See what I can do for You!

Your Responsibility Listing Dept. Responsibility
  1. Obtain the Listing
  2. Complete front & back of ASC services form
  3. Turn in Listing paperwork to ASC
  4. Provide logins & passwords, as they change
  1. PLEASE NOTE:No longer providing first-time FREE Listing
  2. Take Photos & enhance each one
  3. Take notes & room measurements
  4. Verify schools
  5. Verify square footage thru tax rolls
  6. Prepare flyer for the house
  7. Upload listing into Singleentry for MLS, KWLS, &
  8. Enter photos in Singleentry for MLS, KWLS &
  9. Scan paperwork into Dot Loop system
  10. Scan survey, T-47 & Seller’s Disclosure into MLS
  11. Make copies of flyer, at agent’s expense
  12. Burn photos to CD
  13. Online entry to CSS
  14. Add flyer to the new listing board
  15. Make price changes for the life of the listing
  16. Scan Amendments to Dot Loop

Marcia Levine
Transaction Coordinator


Marcia Levine

Sherry Price
Transaction Coordinator


Sherry Price Transaction Coordinator

Client Buyer Form (DOC)
Client Seller Form (DOC)

$250 Paid at closing for one side of the transaction. (Buyer or Seller)
$400 Paid at closing for both sides

As the Transaction Coordinator we focus on watching your critical timelines; communicating with the title company, lenders, cooperating agents, and your clients; coordinate closing and final walk through schedules, and maintain your file from contract to close so that you are able to focus on growing your business.

As Realtors, we learned early on the importance of leverage. We utilized the services of the Transaction Coordinator from the beginning in our own business.

We bring the experience and skills of being Realtors, as well as top notch customer service, to make sure your deals get closed.

See what we can do for You!

Your Responsibility Transaction Dept. Responsibility
  1. Execute the contract & turn in all pages, addenda & all required office forms to me
  2. Fill out our client sheet
  3. Negotiate repairs
  4. Prepare Repair Amendment
  1. PLEASE NOTE: No longer providing first-time FREE Transaction
  2. Make sure all initials/signatures are completed on the contract & all necessary forms are attached
  3. Contact lender to identify who will be preparing the 'Closing Disclosure' and verifying if closing date is realistic.
  4. Prepare the greensheet
  5. Scan all paperwork & greensheet the MCA
  6. Mail option check to our Seller, if requested
  7. Will arrange for title company to pickup contact & EM, if requested
  8. Email introductory letter to Buyer or Seller detailing the closing procedure.
  9. Review CDA & request any necessary revisions.
  10. Order HOA documents if we represent the Seller.
  11. Watch for deadline dates for option periods, HOA's, financing approval
  12. Obtain payoff information from Seller, if applicable.
  13. Communicate with Buyers' lender to ensure closing date as per contract.
  14. Obtain periodic updates from Buyer's lender regarding the appraisal & loan approval.
  15. Will send out any necessary amendments for signatures & facilitate their return.
  16. Communicate with title company re: survey & title commitment.
  17. Send survey & affidavit to the Buyer's agent by deadline in the contract.
  18. Track down all repair receipts & provide them to the Buyer.
  19. Order home warranty if we represent the Buyer
  20. Schedule the walk-thru & notify all appropriate parties.
  21. Verify with lender that docs are arriving at title in time for closing
  22. Review the approved 'Closing Disclosure' & provide to Buyer or Seller.
  23. Schedule & confirm their closing time & location.
  24. Advise Buyer or Seller to activate or terminate utilities.
  25. Arrange key exchange.
  26. Confirm the funding with the title company & notify appropriate parties.
  27. Change the property to Option, Active Contingent & Sold in MLS, on selling side.