7 Ways to Jump Start your Real Estate Business & Brand in 2016

1 - Introduction


Instantly respond, engage and track all your inbound calls.

$49/month - month to month, no contract. Free 14-Day Trial callaction.co link here!

1 - Introduction (20:59)

2 - Fiverr.com


Welcome to the world's largest marketplace for creative and professional services. Logos, online marketing, writing & translation, video/animation

2 - Fiverr.com (13:43)

3 - Google Photos

Google Photos: Three Reasons to Use it:

  1. FREE
  2. From Google
  3. Use it on your phone in 5 minutes

EXAMPLE OF USE Photos and videos of you neighborhood

MichaelTritthart.com > Sites for Business > Google > Google Photos > Real Estate

EXAMPLE Google photos takes the photos and packages them together automatically (Example at 3:10)

3 - Google Photos (26:16)

4 - Five Useful Websites


Teams, offices, groups of people - multiple people colaboration

Like a customer support, creates an FAQ for training assistants/team/clients

Microsoft Security Essentials
for all PC/Windows users - FREE to use

Move all emails from old email system into a new one.

Multiple browsers - free bookmark sync - save all bookmarks into one bookmark menu for all your browsers.

4 - Five Useful Websites (8:40)

5 - FREE Stock Photography

Placester - excellent training and support for their systems

Sites for Business > Photo and Video > 40 Sites for Free Stock Photos

< a href="https://placester.com/real-estate-marketing-academy/real-estate-photos-website-best-image-sources/" target="_blank">placester.com

Don't copy images from Google Images - you might get billed. A lot of those images are copyrighted and you will be pursued!! One thing you can do with google images > search tools > usage rights > labeled for reuse. Downside is that they are not as appealing.

5 - FREE Stock Photography (6:56)

6 - Transfer Large Files Easily

infinit.io Transfer Larger Files Quickly

Sites for Business > Real Estate Apps > Infinite

6 - Transfer Large Files Easily (4:27)

7 - Creating Blog Content

Placester websites and blogging
EXAMPLE: www.kellysellsnorthtexas.com

Sites for Business > Lead Capture and Generation > Community and Blog Templates

7 - Creating Blog Content (13:14)